Explore and realize their dreams

MAXSCHOLARSHIP was founded with the aim to provide students the whole world to explore and realize their dreams. When Dreams have no boundaries, why should education have? When our students get admitted to the most prestigious universities and colleges, we feel that the boundaries of education cease to exist.

critical and intensive application process

Max scholarship is known for its critical and intensive application process. We make foreign universities accessible to the students. We have made the process of universities choosing the right students by making our students choose the right universities for them. Max scholarship is just all about ‘You’- your career, your dreams, your future and your place in this World.

trusted & reputed consultants

Max scholarship is one of the most trusted and reputed education consultants working in India. Because of our association with leading institutions, we have collected the right expertise and knowledge to facilitate your admission in any of the top universities in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand. We work in close coordination with the illustrious universities and that is why we excel in providing the right guidance to the students, who are looking forward to studying abroad.